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ARO (Akselara Raksa Optima) was founded with the desire to become a qualified banking business partner in Indonesia. ARO’s first product is DigiBank, which is believed to be a complete IT solution for micro banking such as cooperatives and rural banks (BPR) at an affordable cost.

With a variety of expert staff with more than 15 years of experience in the financial world and Application Management Services (AMS), we have a specific mission:

* Provide solutions and wider business opportunities for BPR / BPRS and Cooperatives through comprehensive banking solutions (end to end services/solutions)

* Providing online services (online service) so that banking operations run effectively and efficiently for rapid business development

* Standardize processes to ensure convenience and short service implementation times

Our ultimate goal is to become the largest digital banking network and application provider in Indonesia .

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Yudi Hartono

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Kathrin Wahyuni Osaputra

Lieke Sidharta

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