Core Banking Powered by ARO

ARO core banking system provides unparalleled operational scalability and functional depth for all retail banks, corporate banks, and private bank and wealth managers. 

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Scalable, efficient, effective, secure and seamless

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Core Banking

Helps MFIs for in all activities including account, transaction, data and regulatory compliance management.

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Single Platform for all

Single system for the front-line(customers, tellers), back office and management(reporting)

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Digital First

With ready to deploy digital platform and integrated digital financial ecosystem, customers are now fully enabled.

Banking Universe

Welcome to the Ecosystem

ARO Ecosystem opens up a plethora of integration of services and products our micro banking solution is best in class. We have our own Tier 4 Data Center which was the first of its kind in Indonesia.

New Vistas

Proven Expertise

We are the leading financial software as a service provider in South-east Asia with committed resources and decades of experience. Our digital solutions are now guiding the next era of growth for the industry.


Cost Optimization

Our already established and ready-to-use solution means you don’t have to invest upfront or in IT footprint. Our various engagement models help us offer you the most effective solution for your needs.

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